Tuesday, November 13, 2012

present game demo

The most important thing I want my players to learn from this game is to know what exactly doesn't belong in this lab. Some stuff don't belong in here because scientist don't use them. I did't do any research because I knew all this stuff since 5th grade and I wanted to refresh my memory from all this three years. I learned that there is some stuff that is dangerous in this lab,for example the water puddle, some people can slide because of the puddle,it is very dangerous.My ideas changed a lot because I tried to put a score and it ended up not showing really well and trying to fix that and I was going to make it as a game element, but I rather do about a lab.
I never used the Help Center because I had some people helping me on my game and so on.But adding the score was a little bit easy.The most difficult part of making this game was trying to make the objects disappear, I suck at game making computers.

Monday, November 5, 2012

adding hiding objects

flash still sucks!!! but at least i am done!! i tried my best to add noises and so on