Monday, February 28, 2011

Today Performance

*Today's performance was great!!We saw dances of Hip-Hop,heard poems,and even the rap music!!I think the people who performed did an excellent job!Even the EACPA 7th graders!!!!!!!!I understand that people are diffrent from us,so we must respect.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Malcom X

This movie is about a guy named Malcolm X.He is a Muslim.He believes on Allah.In the movie people are marching for justice.Then a woman marries him.They have 6 children,they're only are girls!!!!!!!Somes dudes are planning to kill him.

Malcolm travels to Egypt,Malcolm learns the tradition of Muslim.He prays in their language.He says that he learned with the Muslim.In Egypt they learn not to judge people.Some dudes kill Malcolm.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Toughts Globaloria

Last year,I didn't knew about technology,but I kinda learn to type a little bit.When I used computers here,I tought I was going to learn more!Everything changed scince last year,I started to play videos games,have my blog and wiki,and now were trying to make our own game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I like Globaloria!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Globaloria Reflection

I learn how to get ideas for our game.For example add colors to our game,be creative.Also work as hard as you can.
*The favorite thing about Globaloria is that you have your own wiki and blog.
*Globaloria will help me be good at technology.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mad Hot Ballroom

Mad Hot Ballroom was a movie of adance by 5th graders.Indigo team won the trophy,they've done an excellent job to try hard!!!!!!But not only they'd dance to compete,they'd dance to help kids to know what was their hobby and their career too.A kid was almost to be a street guy,but when he had practice dancing,he started to have a better attitude.That was a great movie!!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Malcom X

We watched a movie called Malcom X.This was about a man was Afro American and a white woman got married,her husband died because he was killed by some people.His wife tried to take her kids back,but a lady took her away and doesn't give her kids back.I think the son went to jail.The End.

Oregon Trail #2

1. What did you learn from playing Oregon Trail?I think how to survive or I don't know!
2. What did you like most about the game?I guess the hunting.3. What did you like the least about the game?When yourpeople died.4. What are some ideas from the game that you could add to your own game?Have more creativity,excitement,and more funny.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mad Hot Ballroom

This movie is about 5th grades kids are practicing to compete for a trophy.This 5th grade kids are working so hard to represent their school for the competition,some kids are upset of not representing their school.These kids look embarrassed!Some team made it,but the Green team didn't.:'(These kids work so hard.The team who made it are awesome!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Oregon Trail #1

Oregon Trail 
1.Who do you think this game was made for?For people who likes old games.

2. What does the player see and do?Go to Oregon and feed your people.

3. What are the rules and how do you win?Go to Oregon,the rules are to go to Oregon and go on the wagon.

4. What is the goal of the game?Make it to Oregon before your food runs out.

5. What will the player learn by playing this game?I think they'll learn new stuff,but I don't know.

6. What makes this game fun for the player?I recently don't think the game was so fun,but the shooting to the animals was kind a FUN!

7. What kind of graphic/animation are in the game?The wagon and the person shooting.

8. What kind of sounds are in the game?The Barney song.

9. What makes this game special and unique?I think that nothing makes it unite,is old!!! 
10. Why will it sell?I don't think the people will like this game.