Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Apollo 13

Today,we finished watching a movie called Apollo 13.It was three mans that want to go to the Moon but unfortunatley they din't because of oxygen and batteries.It was a great movie because they went outer space and it looked fun because they floated!At least they went outer space.
President Richard M. Nixon and the Apollo 13 astronauts James A. Lovell, John L. Swigert Jr., and Fred W. Haise Jr.
Damaged Apollo 13
This is damaged Apollo 13.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Lightning Thief

Yesterday,my class read a book of Rick Riordan.The book was "THE LIGHTNING THIEF".This book is about a boy who has dyslexia and realises he is half bood,half human and half god.Now he has to save Zeus' lightning in time.I've read this book once and I LIKE it!ALSO I SAW THE MOVIE!!!!!!!But I recomend this book for people who likes fiction and actions book.To read this book go to your closest public library or store.Bye.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Choice

I can write what ever I want.I am soooooo happy because is gonna be the end of the year.I'll go to this program named Breakthrough,I'll see Raquel,Hessel and Andrea M.G.I'll meet new friends.My BFF's are not going to be there.Whatever,I can make BFF's there.Bye.A link to Halo!

Pic of Halo

The top half of the article subject, a soldier encased in worn metal armor. He carries a black weapon resting on his shoulder, and wears a helmet with a reflective visor.



Monday, May 16, 2011

Something you did that you are proud of

I finally finished my game and I am proud!:)Well,that game I've made wasn't supposed ato be like that.Is should be hard and have music,like popular music from today.IS GONNA BE THE END OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!Oh well,at least I've tried,right?Is been hard,is new stuff I never did in Elemantary.But I've learn new stuff here.Hopefully I'll be in 7th grade next year.I am proud of what I did.Bye.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Post Blog

Hey people what up!So let me tell you this,today I can write what evah I wanna write about,it doesn't mean stuff that is not appropriate also this post is for a grade,if I don't get a good grade my parents will get angry at me.Now I be typing what is going on in EACPA,today is PJ day I didn't wanted to bring my PJ's,tomorrow is Crazy Hair Day,I think my hair will be an emo type,it'll cover my eyes.I forgot the rest of them.Students forgot that is Teacher Appreciation Week.That's sad because teachers help us alot and students don't appreciate them:(

This is what I mean.