Monday, March 19, 2012


 Respect means a positive feeling and esteem to your self or others.Respect looks like having a positive feeling to others and yourself.We show respect in all classes by not talking when others or the teacher are speaking,give your FULLEST ATTENTION to the speaking person or teacher and keep negative comments to your self.You don't have to like someones or the teacher's opinion.Here in this class we show the same respect as we do in other classes.But we also give respect to the computers too.These computers must've cost alot!So we appreciate that this school has Globaloria and we have these computers.The hallways get crowdy and alot of us just push each other.We can show respect by saying excuse me.During eating time,we need to show respect each other.When visitors come,we need to show them respect by not rudely ask them who they are or ask someone.When visiting a place,we pay attention to the person who is speaking.That how we show respect:)